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The best engagement shoot locations in orlando

Lake Louisa is THE perfect place and possibly my most favorite place to take engagement photos in Orlando! Lake Louisa truly feels like you are no longer in Florida but in another state after you enter the through the gate ($5 to get in... worth it!) There are so many gorgeous spots around but the Photography Lot and the white sanded beach (technically a lake) are my favorite places to photograph!

If it is your first time going, I would suggest you get there a little earlier than expected because the state park is big and you could easily spend 15 minutes driving from one side to the other! The tall grass, wooded trails, and calm lakes is why I LOVE photographing there! I will include a few photos from my most recent shoot there! Oh btw... follow me on IG for inspiration or if you just want to be friends! :) @darlin_studios

#1 - Lake Louisa

#2 - Disney Boardwalk

Disney Boardwalk is new on my favorites list. Simply because of all of the different sceneries you can get in a one hour engagement shoot. It is a photographer's dream!
*Secret tip (don't tell anyone that I told you) but you cannot just show up to Disney Boardwalk. You must make a reservation at a restaurant or bar inside and tell the guard at the gate where your reservation is. I made a reservation at the bar and got to personally meet my couple  over a beer!

It was nice to get to know them and their story before we jumped into their engagement shoot! I am including a few images from their shoot below. :)

#3 - Kraft Azalea Gardens

Kraft Azalea Gardens is perfect for an engagement session that is close to Winter Park! They have two docks over looking a massive lake, beautiful azaleas and tall cypress trees, plus these beautiful marble pillars. Plus just a 5 minute drive away is Park Ave! If you are like me and love getting multiple sceneries in one shoot, I highly recommend hitting both!

#4 - Park AVE

If you are looking more for city vibes for your engagement photos, Park Ave in Winter Park offers cafes, shops, fountains, and cobble brick streets. It is fun roaming around the streets finding unique colors and textures on the walls. Plus couples love to finish their photoshoot and go right into date night! The Wine Room and Prato are my absolute favorite!! :)

#5 - New Smyrna or Daytona Beach

If you love going to the beach and it is meaningful to you, I highly suggest taking your engagement photos at New Smyrna or Daytona Beach! You will not regret it!! I would do either sunrise or sunset for the best lighting!

#6 - Gemini Springs

Gemini Springs is a unique spot for engagement photos! I don't hear many of my photographer friends talking about it so I consider it a hidden "gem" ;) Okay dad jokes are over lol. 
Gemini Springs has crystal clear water that reflects back a stunning turquoise color. There are a few beautiful nature paths, squirrels and gators, and lots of trees. Both couples that I photographed loved this park SO much!

#7 - Downtown Winter Garden

Downtown Winter Garden also has some city vibes! It is a cute town to take your engagement photos at. There are markets, parking garages, brick roads, and cool looking walls that are perfect backdrops for your engagement photos. There is also a huge lake a few minutes away if you would like an additional scenery. I usually end on the engagement shoot on the lake so you get the beautiful sunset reflecting on the water.

#8 - Downtown Sanford

Downtown Sanford is a gorgeous place for an engagement shoot. They also have brick streets, a huge lake close by, hidden alleyways, cafe's and shops.  I enjoyed doing a sunrise shoot as the sun came up over the water and then roaming through their downtown area.

#9 - Bonnet Springs Park

Another unique park that I have discovered because of my couple! They live in Tampa so this was a nice middle ground from Orlando. This Park blew me away! I thought we would be able to see it all but we barely scratched the surface! There is a green colored pond, a butterfly sanctuary, trails, a huge treehouse and unique landscapes all around this park.

#10 - Rollins College

Rollins college is a great place to take your engagement photos at. The architecture around the campus is absolutely stunning! I have also found beautiful trees, flowers and a dock that overlooks a small lake!

I hoped that this blog helped in some way! If you are looking for a photographer or videographer to capture your engagement or wedding, I would be honored. Feel free to personally inquire on my website or give me a follow on Instagram @darlin_studios :)

Thanks for reading!

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